The first Italian skier to win the World Cup overall title, Federica Brignone is a committed environmentalist and water lover, who dedicates her free time to raising public awareness for important issues such as sea and water pollution.

This is why the Celli Group, with its Acqua Alma brand, and Federica have chosen one another as partners in the development of environmental sustainability projects. Federica takes her Acqua Alma Smart Bottle with her wherever she goes, so she always has microfiltered water, thanks to the dispenser installed in her home. The mission shared by Federica and the Celli Group is to bring about a cultural shift in our consumption, bringing water back to its best – respected, controlled and zero km, with no waste and a shared benefit for the end consumer and the environment. Drinking Acqua Alma means revolutionising the way we consume water, starting from the idea that the future of our planet depends on a more aware use of plastic by the drinks industry, as well as on eliminating disposable containers. “I’m extremely proud to be working alongside a Group that cares so much about environmental sustainability, a Group that shares my commitment to fighting water pollution in all its forms,” says Federica Brignone. “I always have my ‘Acqua Alma Smart Bottle’ with me, in my private life and when I’m training, which means I don’t have to use disposable bottles or containers.” “It’s no longer enough to recycle; we need to do more, using solutions like refills,” says Mauro Gallavotti, CEO of the Celli Group. “That’s why we are so proud to be working with Federica, a young girl with a promising future, who has already been working to fight indiscriminate use of plastics for several years, promoting eco-sustainability, just like us.”

These shared values have led to the decision to embark on a fourth “trajectory” together. 

“With the support of Acqua Alma, I aim to continue promoting respect for water with the fourth stage of the project,” Federica announces. “I can’t tell you too much, but it will have even more of an impact and be more compelling than the first three trajectories. I’m sure that, together with photographer, Giuseppe La Spada, we will be able to create some excitement and take you with us on this important new challenge.”