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    Interview with Federico Sandano and Marco Alberto Peroglio

24 June 2020

The passion for food came early to Federico Sandano, born in  77, who entered the Ho.Re.Ca world

via the commercial world, and Marco Peroglio, born in 1984, who instead studied law by day, and by night worked in several restaurants in the city.


Joined by their common interest, they opened Il Ballatoio, a bistro with a Parisian flavour, in the heart of Turin. 

This is where they honed their experience and after coming across a young Swedish chef, they opened their second restaurant, Il Baleno Idea di Mare.


The menu definitely carries these Nordic influences, “We experiment with pairing food, starting from Italian cuisine and fresh fish. We find that fish is a versatile, nourishing food, but we wanted to distinguish ourselves from the others”, they tell us. “Swedish cooking is charming in its presentation and very traditional, and this is exactly the experience we wanted to provide”.


On entering the Baleno, you find yourself in a small, sought-after environment, with an elegant play of light and shadows that reflects the atmosphere that Federico and Marco wanted to lend to the restaurant, by carefully choosing the right furniture and menu.

“The room is well-finished, but it is people who make a restaurant,” they tell us. 

We understand that  from the choice of the young, but well-trained staff, just like them.

The two chefs, one Swedish and one Italian, are only 29 and 31 years old, but show promise. In fact, they have been allowed to manage the entire kitchen.


Sweden is also a synonym of ethics and respect for the environment, values that Federico and Marco embrace.

“We lend our contribution by avoiding waste. We work with fresh food only, and the staff manage supplies, avoiding product accumulation and preserving it as best as possible.  

Our vision could never have included plastic. Installing Acqua Alma was essential for us”, they say. “We have a system ready and operational at any time, with the peace of mind and certainty that everyone is drinking good, controlled water”.

Anyone choosing Il Baleno is embracing a fish & green soul, something never to be taken for granted.