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    Interview with Roberto Girola, Gabriele and Andrea Colombo

24 June 2020

We meet Roberto Girola in his restaurant, together with Gabriele and Andrea Colombo, who are brothers and partners.

It is not passion that drives Roberto in the catering field. It was almost a random choice that, over time, has become a winning one.

Trained at the Istituto Enogastronomico Alberghiero in Arona, he began to work in several restaurants. “I have never stopped since”, he tells us smiling. “I have been in catering for thirty years now and I felt the need to move over to the other side of the counter and finally become an entrepreneur. So I opened Il Decimo Miglio”.


Gabriele believes it is the selection of products that makes the difference.

The chef tells us, “I select local raw materials, for fresh food that is aligned as much as possible with the seasons”. He describes his dishes as being simple and genuine, but always satisfying for the palate”. “In spite of the fact ours is a place where people for fast, immediate service, we like to make the difference, offering creative dishes and menus”.


The warm hues and minimal furnishings are suggestive of Roberto’s goal, that of welcoming his customers in a comfortable, familiar atmosphere, with the right mix of conviviality and reservedness.


Andrea, the barman, explains the choice of Acqua Alma as it is in line with the values of sustainability and commitment, always offering customers the best drinking experience.

“I already knew about the world of microfiltered water, and once you have tried it, I would imagine it is impossible for a restaurant owner to give up the convenience of not having cells to load up each morning,” he says. “I also make it more worthwhile for my customers, by including water in the service charge”.

Il Decimo Miglio, is most definitely a synonym of simplicity combined with the right attention to detail.