The world which surrounds us changes so quickly. Information today circulates in a fluid, quick manner and it is available in any corner of the planet. Our world today is liquid.

Inevitably our lifestyle, and our consumption habits also become liquid. We are engaged consumers, with an eye on quality but also sustainability, we look for connections and innovation, we do not compromise. Our lifestyle today is smarter and more sustainable.

Acqua Alma is in sync with the new consumers and their lifestyle, for a new experience in digital hydration, which is good for us and for the planet, with the support of a professional water cooler and dispenser.

Always good tasting water to drink safely, wherever you are.

Acqua Alma commits to revolutionizing the drinking water experience and digitalizing water consumption, by spreading its loud and clear high-impact mission: start a cultural change in the patterns of water consumption. It aims to bring water back to its best nature: respected, controlled and without waste.
All drink dispensers and water coolers are 100% made in Italy and guarantee proper hydration for many type of users, from smaller venues – home, office, bars, pubs – to public venues, such as waiting rooms, schools and malls. Acqua Alma boasts one of the most extensive ranges in the drinking sector. Fresh and safe filtered water is always ready to be delivered, also for frequent consumptions.

The new smart dispensers, such as the Acqua Alma Point, are connected and can be controlled remotely thanks to IntelliWater, the innovative IoT platform for the remote management of installations, developed in-house by the Celli Group and already used in the soft-drink and draft beer dispensing sectors. Through this technology, it is possible to monitor in real time the status of installations, consumption, offer management, promotions, prices and payments, promptly and effectively managing service and maintenance on all the machines installed. This is an efficient solution from a management stand point but above all from a sustainable one. The use of microfiltered water installations, in fact, not only avoids the expensive bottling processes but also transportation and distribution costs, representing a great leap forward to a totally innovative water consumption that is respectful of the environment.

Acqua Alma has the best solutions to the needs of a new type of consumer: modern, always connected, fast, practical and respectful of the environment. By now an unstoppable change in the consumption of water is happening and we are already contributing to rewrite the future.

Packaging, bags, bottles, straws are useful objects for a few moments, but which then become waste for centuries. Making the choice to consume water dispensed from a filtration system is a sustainable action that is also convenient and good for our health. Additionally, thanks to the wide range of Cosmetal dispensers available, you can do something good for the planet anywhere: at home, at the restaurant, at school, at work, in the airport, at the cinema, etc.

The Acqua Alma system guarantees high professional standards in any occasion, from the smallest home system, to the most extreme performance required by large users such as canteens or public places. This is why for over 50 years Cosmetal has maintained its position as the leading international provider and innovator of hydration systems.

Imagine an APP that reminds you to drink because it constantly monitors your hydration level. Or a water bottle that interacts with a digital water dispenser, automatically choosing the type of water you like most! With Acqua Alma water consumption becomes a digital experience! IntelliWater is the Celli Group IoT platform created for those who sell or lease water systems and makes it possible to have machines connected and monitored 24/7. Thanks to the Acqua Alma Point digital dispenser, the Acqua Alma Refill APP and the Acqua Alma Smart Bottle, hydration is just a click away!