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    The On-the-go world of consumption is in great turmoil.

14 October 2019

The change in consumer habits, i.e. constantly looking for exciting and healthy new consumption and entertainment experiences, but without sacrificing the importance of personalization and sharing, is undermining the core beliefs on which established businesses have been based on for decades. However, the main element present is the great social awareness on environmental issues which, finally, highlight the disruption of the reckless race towards the abuse of plastic materials in recent decades.


Plastic reduction and recycling awareness are two starting points, but they will not be completely sufficient.

It is necessary to intervene further up, i.e. to prevent the use of objects that should then be recycled.

It is necessary to provide alternative solutions.

The Celli Group’s response is a revolutionary consumer experience that will allow us to hydrate anywhere at any time (especially when we are out and about).


How? A new engaging digital experience to protect our planet that begins on our smartphone, with a dedicated App. It then continues via a Smart Bottle, that allows you to have a complete interaction with the innovative and revolutionary Acqua Alma dispenser.

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