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    Water bottle for employees and disposable materials: big companies set a good example choosing filtered tap water

30 June 2020

You can break free of plastic.

The #plasticfree imperative is with us every day and the world’s media are devoting increasing coverage to sustainability best practice and actions to safeguard the planet.


It’s no longer just our planet – reason enough to act – but also governments and institutions, the young generations and millions of persons throughout the world that are begging us to commit seriously to the fight against plastics. Owing to the Internet, the promoter and promulgator of ideas, we learn that the change is really happening, as 3 major companies like Eni, Sky and RAI tell us.


Enel has started up a process for eliminating the use of disposable plastics in offices and production facilities that involves about 26 thousand employees in Italy and starts with the distribution of reusable water bottles. The same procedure is used by Sky, which installed water dispensers in its offices in Milan, Rome and Cagliari, in addition to eliminating the plastic packaging from its equipment. Journalists at RAI, the Italian state broadcaster, have launched a campaign on social media to free the broadcaster from plastic.


The #Grr Plastic Free Committee represents 400 journalists, technicians, producers and other staff at RAI and last year it launched an awareness-raising campaign that each Wednesday that inundates the email accounts of top management at RAI with messages. The campaign started in Rome but has gained support from RAI editorial teams throughout Italy and it seems even top management is ready to ring in the changes. In fact, the offices in which very many of us work produce a large amount of plastic waste, normally arising from the consumption of water and coffee: not just the bottles from the dispensing machines but also the disposable cups and stirrers for mixing the beverages.


An increasing number of companies are thus combating the use of single-use plastic, as Sandro Pireddu, Sales Manager Italy of Celli Group explains to us: “In this first part of 2019 we got confirmation that the consumer revolution is now at a very advanced stage. The sustainability trend in horeca that already started a few years ago is becoming increasingly marked. In other words, the demand for systems for dispensing treated water to horeca customers is growing constantly. But the sector that is most turning towards sustainability is offices, followed by the home. In offices, since the start of the year we have seen a strong move away from bottle dispensers to more sustainable points of use connected directly to the mains supply. We are witnessing a sea change in consumption culture where employees ask for sustainability because they are increasingly aware of and feel increasingly responsible for what they can do to safeguard the planet”.

Consuming dispensed water, whether in the office, at home or outdoors, does not just save on plastic containers, whether they are plastic bottles or dispenser tanks, but like all zero kilometre products, it helps reduce CO2 emissions in the air caused by the transport of bottled water, for example, or the CO2 produced in packaging manufacture.

Further, the vast range of water dispensing solutions offered by Cosmetal enables demand for different types of water to be catered for – cold, carbonated, room-temperature, hot- by suiting all installation needs – floorstanding, above or under counter – and large or small capacity requirements.

Celli Group together with Cosmetal and all the other companies of the Group are today even more than before the companies that guarantee the sustainable drinking experience. 

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