Imagine a new consumer experience.

Imagine an intelligent drinking bottle that knows your drinking habits and can actively interact with the Acqua Alma dispenser, which is easy to use and good for you and the planet. Acqua Alma Smart Bottle is more than a simple re-usable drinking bottle; it’s a whole new sustainable drinking experience that’s as easy as drinking a glass of water!



Use it, re-use it and refill it. Your smart bottle is totally sustainable. You’ll be playing your part in reducing plastic waste from disposable containers, while you also help to significantly reduce the carbon footprint that comes from transporting bottled drinks. 


Every smart bottle has an NFC tag that allows it to be recognised by and interact with the dispenser. Download the Acqua Alma Refill app and associate your smart bottle with your profile to call up favourites, activate offers and share your hydration achievements on social media.


Good, safe and sustainable water, whenever and wherever you need it! All you need to do is fill your smart bottle and staying hydrated is as easy as drinking a glass of water. At last, an item that’s on trend and also great for the environment!

Drinking has never been so smart

Your drinking experience starts with your smartphone, using the Acqua Alma Refill app that lets you manage profiles, preferences and recipes, but above all, you can check your hydration levels and find your nearest dispenser. When you associate your smart bottle to your user profile, the dispenser will recognise you at every refill.



Take your smart bottle and download the Acqua Alma Refill app from Google Play or the App Store. Scan the QR code on the front of the box (at the top) to associate your bottle to the app. Create your profile and set your drinking parameters. Now you can enjoy your new hydration experience!


Interaction between the Smart Bottle and Acqua Alma Points is genuinely simple and intuitive! Just bring your smart bottle up to the dispenser to start the interaction process. It will call up your favourite recipes and choose the beverage or type of water you prefer. And your smart bottle will store it in its memory for you!


Acqua Alma Smart Bottle is in 18/8 stainless steel with white lacquered finish and watertight cap. Vacuum insulation means it is excellent for both hot and cold drinks. We recommend washing the new product before use and to cleanse it regularly, without using aggressive products. Not dishwasher safe.