Niko Romito sceglie Acqua Alma per ALT (Castel di Sangro)

    Interview with the Executive Chef Gaia Giordano

1 September 2020

Over the years, several projects have flourished thanks to the entrepreneurship and intuition of Chef Niko Romito, constantly supported by his team at Reale, the restaurant and beating heart of his gastronomic creativity. ALT was created in 2018: cafe, restaurant, delicatessen and diner, s specialized in grilled dishes. A venue overlooking a welcoming, informal street, where you can stop for a break in your journey, a dinner with friends or to buy some good food to take home with you.
Everyone cooked at home!” is how my chat with Veronica Forchielli, Chef from the Marche and head of the kitchen at ALT, begins. “Even when I was little, my favourite games were making dough and cookies. I studied at the catering college, and at the same time I began to work in the kitchens of hotels along the Marche coast.

Simple, genuine cooking, not just a reflection of the restaurant’s image, but a perfect match with Veronica’s personality and values, and this is what drove her to collaborate with Chef Niko Romito.
The choice of products is fundamental, as you have to combine quality, cost and sustainability”, she tells us. On entering, we immediately feel the atmosphere at ALT: young, fun and inclusive. “You can come across all sorts of clients, from the village lady to a gourmet journalist”, Veronica tells us. “Eating is informal and everyone enjoys the good food and convivial atmosphere that the cuisine provides“.
The restaurant’s service gives a nod to the environment: by choosing local products and promoting a healthy, sustainable diet, in line with the seasonal nature of the foods. Choosing good water that respects the planet was part of the choice to accompany this philosophy.

“Acqua Alma was a decision that saw everyone in Niko Romito’s group in agreement. An important stance, that every day allows us to convey a message that is vital for us, to all the people who come to the restaurant”.

Before leaving us, she tells us a secret: the “secret” ingredient of the restaurant’s famous bread is Acqua Alma!