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    Interview with the Executive Chef Gaia Giordano

1 September 2020

Niko Romito chef, entrepreneur and teacher born in Castel di Sangro. He left Abruzzo, the area that he still has strong ties with and moved to Rome to study economics. At twenty-five years old, following a bereavement in the family, he decided to leave university and work alongside his cousin, teaching himself and in just seven years being awarded three Michelin stars. Romito is known for his cuisine which is minimalist and well-balanced, the result of never-ending research. His gastronomic language is decisive and full of character. He manages to combine haute cuisine with popular cooking, sought-after ingredients with other popular items of food.

In 2013, he founded SPAZIO NIKO ROMITO, which is a complete expression of this combination of classicism and contemporaneity. We met with the project’s Executive Chef, Gaia Giordano. After studying law, she converted to the world of food thanks to her father, who involved here in the management of his restaurant in Chianti. “My first passion was wine, but from the first time I entered the kitchen, I have never left“, she tells us. “My style of cooking is elegant and creative, inspired by classic Italian gastronomy and then presented in a fresh, innovative manner”. Spazio still maintains Romito’s distinctive traits, with its original style combining simplicity and panache. The top-quality raw materials are the foundation of it all, with ingredients transformed into dishes while maintaining their original characteristics and making themselves the protagonist.
SPAZIO NIKO ROMITO has been created to offer an experience of beauty and pleasure”, she says. Conscious cooking for Gaia is where every player in the supply chain is aware of their impact on the surrounding environment.

“For example, in the kitchen, there needs to be an organization of processes to avoid waste: from the techniques used, to the products – in terms of seasonality and supply. The choice of micro-filtered water in the dining room is a sure sign of this, but I could also talk about portion sizes and the way in which the rooms are heated”.

There are many practical advantages with Acqua Alma” she concludes, underlining the pride felt in being bearers of such an important message, offering guests a valid alternative to bottled water.