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    Interview with Michele and Marco Franciosi

21 October 2020

Walking into THE SIGN is like going back to your childhood: a medieval fantasy setting that takes you straight into a fairy tale atmosphere. Michele and Marco Franciosi know the best way to convey their idea of restaurant premises since it is no coincidence that before launching themselves in the restaurant business, they had their own communication agency. They have always proposed initiatives linked to eco-sustainability to their clients, also making this their own personal philosophy, before going on to open the first premises in Pozzuoli and then in Pomigliano.

“We’ve always suggested solutions with the least possible environmental impact to our clients. For example, for every liter of used household cooking oil brought to us for disposal, entitles the client to a free coffee, and clients who bring in a drinking bottle can fill it for free from our Acqua Alma dispenser, which we decided to install to discourage the use of disposable containers.”

At THE SIGN, you can also enjoy a delicious offset Panino, thanks to the collaboration with 0CO2, which means a tree is planted in Nicaragua, where it brings oxygen and precious fruits for the country’s farming economy. They explain that their young, but select clientele has naturally welcomed Acqua Alma, the ethical alternative to bottled water that is also a perfect combination with the specialty dishes of the region, including cozzetiello [a bread bowl sandwich], which is now a registered trademark. Even cocktails have taken this on board, replacing the classic soda with sparkling Acqua Alma, which is also a special ingredient when it comes to preparing fried chicken.

Michele and Marco aim to provide original products and services, respecting different food intolerances: “But if a client wants a simple hamburger with a cutlet and a lager, why not? It doesn’t make them a bad person!” they conclude with a smile.