Daily consumer habits have changed. Today’s consumer is in search of innovative, healthy and personalised experiences. The Acqua Alma system allows the consumer choice to not only benefit our health but also our planet.

Recycling today is no longer sufficient. We must find alternatives to the overuse of plastic, the prevalence of disposable containers and unnecessary recycling. Acqua Alma starts the transition from recycle to refill. This is where our revolutionary experience of water consumption begins, making digital technology its main partner.  Acqua Alma Point is the innovative water dispenser, which interacts with the user through the APP and the smart water bottle.

Whether you are at home, restaurant, office or at the airport, Acqua Alma is aware of your habits and hydrates you sustainably.

Stylish table bottle

The iconic bottle with its simple but refined lines, adds a touch of elegance to the table. It demonstrates that a premium and sustainable choice has been made.

Smart refillable bottle

Acqua Alma Smart Bottle is a sustainable bottle because you can reuse it every time you wish, connected, because it is equipped with a QR code to interact with the app and NFC tags which allow it to be recognised by the Acqua Alma Point, and above all simple, because filling your water bottle has never been this easy.



The new Refill App ensures a functional and creative user-experience. After the few practical steps to register, it can monitor the daily level of hydration, look for the closest Acqua Alma Points and allows sharing one’s sustainability consumption choice to social media.


It is a smart dispenser able to dispense three types of water (room -temperature, chilled and sparkling) and can be personalised to up to 4 different flavours. Its smart technology and an ice bank with re-circulation of soda guarantees professional performance and high-quality standards at each use.

hi-class system

Innovation, quality and design at your service.

Hi-class is the system par excellence in the industry: sought-after design, high quality materials, innovative technology and high performance able to satisfy the demand for any type of water.

drink tower

Ideal for dispensing large quantities of chilled water, both still and sparkling, it integrates perfectly in the scope of restaurant businesses, in bars, restaurants, hotels and canteens. The dispenser can be associated with any under-counter system, to respond to any type of dispensing need.